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What We Do

What is a website? It’s worth it to define so you know exactly what you are getting. A website is a landing space for visitors, an online shop, your ‘ship’ on an ever moving web. Our goal is to design customized websites that stand out in a sea of search results. We guide the buyer on their journey to your website from their initial search to the way they experience your brand. Each aspect of the website, from content marketing to design, is planned with the target audience in mind. We work closely with clients to customize the website around their company needs…


Basically, we will build you a ship. A really cool internet ship, that can help you start your online journey and claim your webspace. This means giving you the best design that suits your company, personally taking the photos (vs using photo stock), making it google and other search engine -friendly, and creating content that works for your business. Basically, we are designer meets marketer and out pops web-ships.

Some new businesses want to make their own website, logo, create the content, SEO etc. If this seems like something you don’t want to do yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Paying a web designer might seem expensive when compared with DIY sites, but it’s a onetime cost. We guarantee a quality website that is optimized to fit your business and showcase your brand. Most importantly, it is entirely yours. Now, you can own your online space and be in control of how potential clients see your business.

Stuck on whether to hire a designer or do it yourself? Check out Website Designer v. Website Builder to see whether our services are right for you.