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Our Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Give your brand a fresh start and new image. Our services include understanding who your potential customers are. This ensures your brand is in the right place to increase sales.


Social Media Marketing

Need help with your business' social media? We can create content, design and provide consultation for a new social media page or revamp an existing page.

Graphic Design

Go above and beyond with your brand to get noticed by potential customers. We can provide any extra graphic design services you need for an imaginative touch.

Content Marketing

Grow your business and reach clients you didn't even know you had. Get creative story telling integrated into your marketing materials to ensure better results.


Show transparency and portray authenticity to consumers with our photography add-on. We will take professional photos of your business to use on the website.

Social Media Page Setup or Refresh

Ad Campaigns and Promotions

Consulting for DIY Posts

This is customized to your company and target audience. We can help you decide what social media pages your company needs. This can be google business, Facebook, twitter, instagram, Pinterest, etc. 

We can create the graphics you need for your page. This could be anything that suits your business, such as a new logo for the profile picture, an interactive cover photo, and pictures for the page.

We can provide and schedule posts to get your page going and getting likes. This is done with what is called introductory marketing, so that your company can make the best first impression.

We can create and run advertising campaigns for your company on social media, this includes pages such as Facebook and Google Business. This is by far the cheapest way to advertise. 

Running a campaign online is a great way to increase sales and drive brand awareness. This is best done when you experience flagging sales, have a new promotion, wish to change your image, or are in the season for your product.

We will interpret the data for you, so you can use it to inform future decisions. This also allows us to create  more effective advertising for you in future campaigns. 

Although we provide starter posts and run campaigns, we suggest that someone in your company makes the daily social media posts. Posting at least once a week is important for keeping your brand in people’s minds. It is much more affordable for small businesses to make their own posts, and to just pay for a refresher or ad campaign as needed. We break it down for you in an easy way and provide an hour of training. Don’t worry it’ll be simple and perhaps even fun!

You don’t have to figure it all out yourself. If you don’t feel tech savvy, we can show you how to create and schedule posts. We can also make a portfolio of images and content ideas to get you started. 

We’ve put together a simple guide for you to use. This outlines how, when and what you should post about on social media. The ebook has everything you need to know from what types of pictures to take to what kind of content gets more attention. 

Graphic Design Services

Don’t you feel more moved by a beautiful image or design? Wouldn’t you say you spend an extra minute just looking? That’s what we want to happen when customers see your brand. 

We can take your campaign offline with:

Offline Advertising Designs

Business Service Designs

We can provide personalized, handwritten notes on postcards, invitations, and thank you cards. Show how much your brand cares without having to spend the time. 

Check out our design portfolio:

Content Creation Services

Content is king – and great content can win hearts and minds.

Photography Services

Beautiful, high-quality images is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Some of our work:

Why Work with us

Why Work with us

You are a small business in a small town. We get that you may not have a huge advertising budget or any marketing experience. It can be difficult to get the great results marketing can bring without the right approach. We have cut through all the excess to just give you the meat of what will truly drive your marketing results. That means a smaller budget, but with the results you are looking for. Marketing can help small businesses grow.

We are a locally owned company who understands your marketing needs. Being local makes our company better positioned to understand what marketing strategies work in this area. 

Our team is made up of experienced social media marketers with expertise ranging across many platforms. We can help you create social media posts, the content and photos, social media pages, and campaigns. We base all our content around your brands image and target audience. This can come as a starter package with a new website.

We can help you create a strong brand voice and tone, new logo design, slogan and target audience profile. Our expertise in graphic design ensures we embody the rebranding into the social media pages and any marketing materials. 

Our mission is to provide you with marketing that really drives results. To do this, we work closely with your company to truly understand your needs and audience. Think of us as a kind of extended family. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

This is an amazing business! They created my website and it is fantastic! I highly recommend them for your website design! Best around!

Isha Wright-Ryan


Webship is very professional, and give excellent service. Thank you for your help.

Carl Duncan

Lineal Contracting

If you want someone who cares and you want a top quality job this company is it! Hands down did a great job for me! Would use them again no question about it!

Astar Wright

Ohio River Veneer

Did a great Job

Brian Busick


The IT department helped me with several issues. First with my printer that I was having issues with getting to print and scan. Then with setting up our server network and dymos printers. They’re fast, personable and efficient.

Dove Bohon


Webship design IT Dept really helped me with some issues I was having with my Quickbooks and cloud hosting through Rightnetworks that those companies could not figure out. They came right to my office and fixed the issues quickly. I was very happy and satisfied with the work and problem solving skills. I do recommend them to family and friends.

Dana Wright

Indiana Timber and Veneer

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